Navigating the Path to Resilience

Dr. Anisha conscientiously prioritises audience engagement in her role as a keynote speaker, event host, or panelist, demonstrating versatility across diverse settings such as corporate, health professional, patient forums, and charitable gatherings. Notably, she has been sought after for participation in governmental roundtable meetings, offering advisory insights on health policies concerning cancer care from the dual perspective of a patient and a general practitioner.

Empowering Conversations

Dr. Anisha’s fervent commitment extends to addressing topics of survivorship, life amidst and after cancer, the nuanced dynamics of the “new normal,” maintaining mental health and well-being, as well as women’s health and menopause. Drawing upon her personal experiences before and after cancer treatment, she shares profound insights and a unique perspective with her audience.

Her authenticity and transparency resonate with many, fostering a profound connection with her audience, often evoking hushed contemplation in the wake of her captivating presentations. Featured prominently are her talks on pertinent themes including:

  • Moving Forward – Life After Trauma/Cancer
  • The Unexpected Revelations of Bowel Cancer
  • Addressing Health Inequality
  • Healthcare

Moving Forward – Life After Trauma/Cancer

To date, these have been delivered in corporate and charitable settings. Engaging topics include:

  • Returning to the professional sphere after a cancer journey and fostering supportive workplace environments
  • Living with invisible disabilities
  • Post-traumatic growth and thriving with life after cancer
  • Dr. Anisha’s toolkit for Mental Health and recovery, offering personal insights

These talks also find a receptive audience among teenagers and young adults due to Dr. Anisha’s role as a Trustee for Teens Unite, a teenage Cancer Charity.

The Unexpected Revelations of Bowel Cancer

Derived from her acclaimed Amazon bestseller, Dr. Anisha delves into various facets of this subject, including:

  • Her own personal story emphasising that no one is exempt from the possibility of cancer, regardless of age, as well as her unique perspective as patient and doctor and how that changes her clinical practice forever

  • Symptoms and preventive measures related to bowel cancer, including the importance of screening
  • The physical and emotional burden of cancer and its treatment – and recovery from this

Addressing Health Inequality

Navigating the intricate landscape of health inequality, Dr. Anisha passionately addresses the need for transformative narratives and emphasizes collective responsibility. Drawing on her dual roles as a patient and clinician, she sheds light on challenges and proposes avenues for improvement across diverse contexts. She also delivers health related presentations to diverse groups to improve knowledge ad engagement. Specific focal points include:

  • Cultural health taboos and stigmas, urging for a collective commitment to improvement
  • Dismantling societal taboos surrounding women’s health, menopause, and cancer
  • A noteworthy instance involved Dr. Anisha disseminating gynecological and women’s health information within a local Bangladeshi community, collaborating with The Eve Appeal to dispel cultural stigmas and taboos. This event, marked by its rewarding nature, aimed at educating and fostering awareness of critical health issues and cancer screening within the community.

Organisations Dr Anisha has been a speaker for


Anisha is an articulate and moving speaker with an important story to tell. Bringing together her professional insight and personal experience, her voice has been very powerful in communicating Our Future Health’s goals to both volunteers and stakeholders.”

Michael Warren, Chief Communications Officer at Our Future Health

“For the last 2 years Dr Anisha Patel has been working with Smart About Health (a doctor-led consultancy and events company) to deliver key messages about health and wellbeing, particularly relating to cancer, her experience, bowel cancer, and support for people affected by cancer. Working with Anisha is a dream come true. She is professional, personable and relatable. She speaks from the heart and enriches our work deeply. Her contributions to educating the public are incredible and we cannot wait to work with her more in the future. Thank you for all that you do Anisha, people in the world are better off, for you.”

Dr Laura David, CEO Smart about Health

“We recently had the pleasure of inviting Dr Anisha Patel to one of our most exclusive events as a panellist speaker, and as someone who is a GP and bowel cancer patient, she brings a unique perspective to the table. Her ability to seamlessly navigate between the roles of a medical professional and a patient is both inspiring and invaluable. Her eloquence and passion shines through in her speaking engagements, making her a stand out advocate for both GPs and those affected by bowel cancer. What sets her apart is her exceptional skill in translating complex medical jargon and policies into lay-friendly language, ensuring that her message resonates with diverse audiences. She’s a beacon of light within our community, providing invaluable expertise that our supporters genuinely appreciate, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have her unwavering support.” 

Genevieve Edwards, Chief Executive at Bowel Cancer UK

“Anisha hosted a panel talked and helped put me at ease by asking the right questions, and helping me relax into the whole process”


“Dr Anisha has been a fantastic support to The Eve Appeal. Recently she delivered a gynae health information session to members of the Bangladeshi community in North London. Her open presenting style helped put the women in the room at ease, and we saw fantastic engagement from the participants. There was a real feeling of supportive openness during her talk, which enabled the women to engage with the life-saving health information and feel able to ask questions about their own health and experiences. Anisha was organised, open and communicative and we are so grateful to have her as a member of Team Eve supporting our charity. The Eve Appeal – gynaecological cancer charity”

Lydia Brain, Comms and Media Manager, The Eve Appeal

Fantastic speech by the Bowel Cancer UK ambassador’

‘Bowel cancer doctor and patient was a wonderful speaker.’

‘Dr. Patel was truly inspiring’

‘The patient talk by Dr Anisha Patel was amazing and humbling’

Anisha’s introduction almost had me in tears. I have not had bowel cancer, but her talk gave such a clear and honest view of her journey so far that I felt quite emotional.” Anonymous

Gala Attendees, BIA Industry Association

“Anisha’s key note presentation was a great mixture of personal and professional insight, much like your book. It was still an excellent start to the day.”

Bowel Research UK