Dr Anisha is the proud author of the Amazon bestseller “Everything You’d Hoped You’d Never Need to Know About Bowel Cancer. – a doctor’s very personal guide to navigating through the sh*t and beyond”, reported as the first bowel cancer guide to combine both lived experience with trusted medical acumen.  Because despite being a doctor, when she was diagnosed, she had never felt so alone and had little idea and appreciation of what was to come.

What this book offers:

  • A comprehensive guide that provides hope and companionship to those facing a cancer diagnosis
  • Support with the practical, emotional, and medical aspects of the cancer journey, with helpful tips along the way. From bowel cancer prevention and risk factors, diagnosis and investigations, breaking the news to loved ones to getting ready for various treatments and their side effects, all the intricate details have been documented for readers to delve into as they please.
  • Support with life after cancer, a subject that can often lack support and information, and a period of time that Dr Anisha herself found tricky to navigate. This covers issues such as returning to work, relationships, the emotional burden and mental health impact of cancer and living with uncertainty, fertility, menopause and intimacy issues, to living with side effects and thriving with and after cancer, and so much more.
  • Honest, vulnerable and raw diary entries documenting the highs and lows of her own experience from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.
  • Medical expertise from the medical team that saved Dr Anisha’s my life.
  • A chorus of individuals sharing their own lived experiences of bowel cancer and its aftermath
  • An essential companion for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis to help navigate one through the eye of the cancer storm and to thrive in the life beyond.
  • Endorsed by cancer charities and celebrities with 5* reviews aplenty.

“Anisha writes with authority, insight and passion which is truly unique… when they are talented communicators, the information they impart is truly special”

Dr Hillary Jones, , GP & TV Presenter

“the best companion I have ever read for the journey following cancer diagnosis”

Adam Kay, Doctor, Best Selling Author & Comedian

“a complete insiders guide to bowel cancer told with compassion, warmth and some very practical tips” 

Dr Amir Khan, GP & TV Presenter

“This book could save your life”

Lorraine Kelly Smith, TV Presenter

“a great guide for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis… Deborah would have been proud to know that it will help so many people

Heather James, Bowel Cancer Campaigner

“a powerful voice to help others”

Cancer Research UK

“Anisha generously shares everything she has learned through her own bowel cancer journey to create this incredibly comprehensive one-stop-shop for anyone coping with cancer. This thoughtful book holds you hand throughout the journey of dealing with cancer and life afterwards. Her personality and expertise shines through his book”

Genevieve Edwards, CEO, Bowel Cancer UK

Dr. Anisha: Health Writer and Educator

Being a health writer provides another dimension to imparting valuable health information to an audience. Dr Anisha’s written contributions have been featured in a variety of press outlets, and the articles provide a wealth of knowledge on health-related topics.

Through her writing, her aim to help bridge the gap between medical expertise and patient education, making complex health information more accessible to a wide and diverse readership and engaging the reader in the process.

Dr Anisha has also featured in the press and written for several media outlets and newspapers.

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