Breaking Stigmas and Health Educating on TV

Dr. Anisha’s debut on screen was featuring in the ‘No Butts’ campaign on ITV Lorraine show and ITV news back in 2021, a campaign launched with the late Dame Deborah James. The aim of the campaign was to dispel the stigmas surrounding Bowel Cancer.

Since then, she has never looked back and appears as a familiar face on ITV’s Lorraine, as well as featuring on the BBC, ITV news, and Talk TV. She also features in podcasts, magazines, and print media, breaking health taboos, discussing health headlines, challenging stigma and misinformation, raising awareness, and educating on a variety of health topics.

Dr. Anisha encourages healthy living and discusses a variety of topics encompassing her special interests in women’s health, mental health, and cancer awareness and screening. She has even shared her own colonoscopy on National TV to try to take away any fear and remove any stigma associated with the procedure.

As a TV doctor, Dr. Anisha is keen to break down complex medical information into understandable terms and maintains a friendly and approachable demeanor.

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“Anisha is a wonderful communicator who explains complex issues in a way that makes sense to us all. She has amassed an astonishing amount of expertise and is someone we can rely upon and trust implicitly. I love having her on my show. She’s professional, warm and well informed and really cares about her work. Anisha connects with her patients and her audience in such a direct way. She’s such an asset and a thoroughly lovely woman “

Lorraine Kelly, TV presenter

“Dr Anisha is a great communicator and brilliant at making medical matters understandable. Plus the fact that she knows all too well what it’s like to be the worried patient hanging off every word a Dr tells you and dealing with both the physical and emotional effects of a cancer diagnoses gives her a unique and authentic perspective. I highly recommend her!”

Trisha Goddard, Talk TV host

“Dr Anisha Patel has been a regular contributor to my breakfast show on BBC Radio Surrey. She offers an informed, articulate and expert view. Her personal story provides an authentic voice to an often under discussed topic. Her honesty and insight make for an engaging listen.”

James Cannon, BBC Surrey Breakfast show host